Fann Mountains

Guided tours to the places where the greatness of the kings of Sogdiana and Bactria reigned, where,  Alexander the Great found his beautiful Roxane, where you can see the  Pompeii of Central Asia  - the ancient city of Sarazm. In addition, Funns  are paradise for lovers of trekking, hiking, rock climbing and just relaxing on the shore of paradise lakes.

The Fann Mountains – is a collection of spectacular natural sceneries, purity of beautiful blue mountain rivers and turquois lakes surrounded by snowcapped peaks. It is kind of paradise for people used to enjoy the nature, but at the same time planning to keep closer with comfort.

The Fann Mountains have been a favorite place for tourists since the Soviet times, dozens of routes were discovered several years before, and using by tourists until nowadays.  They attract travelers not only by captivating beauty of the nature but also by variable environment, rich flora and fauna

The Fann Mountains are the northwestern part of the Pamir-Alai mountain system, consisted of  Zeravshan ranges, the Gissar and Turkestan ranges, which in total have more than 11 magnificent peaks over 5000 meters.

The lovers of climbing can enjoy such great tops like: peak Bodkhon 5138m, peak Energy 5105m, Zamok peak 5,070 and Chapdar 5,050m. The highest peak of this region is peak Chimtarga 5,487m.

In addition to snow-capped peaks, travelling in Fanns, you can admire more than 30 amazing mountain lakes. The largest one - Iskanderkul lake was named after the great commander Alexander, from Macedonia. Each lake in Fann is surrounds by aura of mystery and legends.

Being as a paradise place with beautiful lakes and rivers, the Fann Mountains is also famous by the repositories of the ancient civilization - the kingdoms of Bactria and Sogdiana. One the most ancient city of the region - Sarazm added to the list of UNESCO heritage site. Finally, it is a great place, where you can taste one of the world's most delicious cuisine.

Traveling through the Fann Mountains, you will meet the most hospitable people of the world, living in tight valleys surrounded by magnificent peaks and virgin forests, this is a right place, where you can forget about the noise of big cities for a while and just be by your own.

Pamir Trips offers a unique tours and treks to the furthest corners of Fann Mountains, our experienced guides will show you not only the classic routes, but also introduce you to the mysterious inhabitants of the Yagnob valley, who still speak the ancient Sogdian language and have preserved their unique culture and traditions. Travelling with us you will make your holiday memorable!