About Us

Pamir Trips - a Tajikistan based Tour-operator, specialized in organizing tours and treks all along the Silk Road, and able to provide full travel services all around Central Asia countries. We offer small group and individual adventure holidays and tours to all Central Asian regions, but also can arrange custom trips to the remotest areas, which rarely were fortunate to visit, like Great and Little Pamirs, trekking to Far East of Wakhan and skiing in Bamyan of Afghanistan and kind of “yeti expeditions” to Fedchenko glacier..

Our range of small group adventure tours and tailor made adventure holidays have been carefully re-searched to provide exciting and groundbreaking travel experiences. Our experienced guides have incomparable passion and enthusiasm for adventure travels and we are keen to share our love of exploration with our curious and discerning clients. We always offer better prices in compare to our colleagues, our objective will always be to show you the highlights of Asian countries, but we also like to take you off the beaten track to see the lesser known, but equally interesting places, not frequented by massive tourism.

We are very interested to show you the highlights of our country through the view of locals; the guests will feel something new, which has become casual life for local people

We have all-inclusive, no hidden extras pricing policy, we have creative and tailor made itineraries and high quality ground services for people, who make high expectations of their travel experiences.

We strictly adhere the principle of "leave no trace" and involving local population in tourism services, we try to make a small contribute for improvement of local economy.

Traveling with our local guides, you will experience part of the unspoiled and magic landscapes of the planet and get really under the country’s skin! Join us in one of our small group adventure itinerary or please contact us to arrange one of our unique custom trips for you!