Fedchenko Glacier

We offer unique tours and treks for those, who are used to challenging the wild nature, who is not afraid to stay alone surrounded  by the greatest glaciers - the exploration of the biggest continental  glacier of the world – Fedchenko. Breathtaking views to over 7000 meters peaks, unspoiled nature and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Fedchenko Glacier – the world largest glacier outside of polar glaciers. Situated in Central Pamirs, Fedchenko glacier is 77 km long and from 1700 to 3100 km wide and covers about 992 square km of the area. The glacier flows to north from the great ice field of Revolution peak 6974m and forms the headstreams of Amudarya, Surkhob, Vakhsh and Muksu rivers. The thickness of the ice in the middle of the glacier is approximately 1000 meters and the rate of movement is about 66.8 centimeters in 24 hours. The highest altitude of the glacier is 6280m and the lowest point is 2900m, the snow line starts from 4650m.

Fedchenko Glacier was discovered in 1878 but not fully explored only until 1928 by Soviet-Germany expedition headed by Willi Rickmer Rickmers. It was named after Soviet scientist and explorer Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko, but he did not discover it first. Traveling on the glacier you can see the highest peak of Tajikistan – Ismoil Somoni (ex- Communism) peak 7495m, almost from all points.

The absolutely wilderness and kingdom of ice make the Fedchenko glacier a dream place for those who loves to challenge the wild nature with hiking via the snow covered passes over 4000m and several crosses of fast and cold mountain rivers. This trekking requires good physical shape and previous experience of crossing the glaciated mountains.

Pamir Trips organize short and long-term treks to and around Fedchenko Glacier, from Vanj and Yazgulom valleys (Academy of Science range) Bartang valley (routes from Pasor and Roshorv villages) and Tanimas valley (Kok jar) and Belandkiik valleys. We provide with camping gear and organize transportation, catering and pack animals service upon your request.