Camp Yashilkul

Camp "Yashilkul"  located on the shore of  Yashilkul Lake at an altitude of 3750 meters above the sea level. The camp is located at the "gate" to Central Pamir - the area famous with numerous trekking routes, the area of hundreds of alpine lakes with different size and colors, surrounded by mountain tops over 5000 meters, thousands of glaciers, green meadows and rivers. The distance to the nearest settlement is over 50 km from here, so our camp is an optimal place to get the first aid, resupply, get acclimatization or just rest and socialization after a long walk in the mountains.

In summer, the lake is well warmed by the sun, providing a pleasant opportunity for swimming or fishing.

Period of operation

The camp is active from July to October

The tents in the campsite are deployed with maximum ease of movement for the customers and the staff.

The kitchen and dining area for the customers are located in a large tent, equipped with tables and stools. The meals are provided three times a day. The camp has stable mobile network coverage, which keeps it connected to the rest of the world. There is a bar, store, hot showers, gas cylinder refueling services and equipment rentals are available on the campsite. The camp has a well-trained team, including a doctor, to ensure you have a comfortable stay in high elevation.

How to reach

The camp can be reached by off-road vehicles from Khorog or Murghab. This option will allow you to enjoy the beauty of mountain roads, scenic passes, and meet interesting people - traffic police officers, border guards, etc. Be prepared for a significant amount of luggage and time.

At the altitude of 4000 meters, far from civilization, you will understand that the base camp "Yashilkul" is just a high-mountain resort, contributing to your moral and physical health (if, of course, not to overdo it in the bar and canteen...).

Contact us with any questions and suggestions - we are ready to answer and discuss!

Living conditions

The Camp Yashilkul offers 12 tents to accommodate campers (2 people per tent). The camp provides a separate dining tent, decorated in the national style, for up to 20 people. The dining area is equipped with tables and chairs.

The entire camp, including each tent, is equipped with electricity. Sleeping accommodations include a camp bed, mattress, linens, pillow, blanket and sleeping bag. The camp has 2 Asian standard toilets, 2 hot water showers and 1 sauna (extra charge). In case of unforeseen/emergency, the camp has a satellite phone for communication.


For clients with double occupancy in a tent:

Accommodation with breakfast: $20 USD per person per day.

Accommodation with breakfast and dinner: $35 USD per person per day.

Accommodation with three meals a day: $50 USD per person per day.

Single occupancy in a tent: $15 USD per day.

Minimum booking: accommodation with breakfast.

Additional services

Order lunch or dinner for groups of more than 10 people without accommodation: $15 USD per person.

Services of a mountain guide for walks: starts from $35 USD per day per group.

Accommodation for accompanying stuff

For groups up to 4 people - 50% discount for 2 chaperones.

For groups of 5 or more people - accompanying stuff will be free of charge (up to 2 people in the group, if the group has more than 2 accompanying personnel, the rest will be given a 50% discount).

Booking and Cancellation Conditions

You can make reservations by e-mailing

Oral and telephone bookings are not accepted. If there are vegetarians or people with special dietary needs in the group, please indicate this fact, when booking.

For the groups with more than 10 people, the customers have to pay the invoice according to the submitted application before arrival to the camp. The payment can be done directly on our website or in our offices in Dushanbe or Khorog. Groups without providing voucher will not be accepted in the Camp.


If the order canceled more than 3 days prior to arrival, no penalty will be charged.

If the order canceled less than 3 days before arrival, the client must pay 50% of the voucher price.

For stays of more than 1 day, payment is for the first day with meals.

For more information, please  contact us  or drop a call to WhatsApp.