Expedition to Wakhan of Afghanistan

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Important Notice: Respectful Conduct in Afghanistan

Dear Visitors,

In light of recent changes in the leadership of Afghanistan and the new regulations imposed by the ruling Taliban party, we kindly request your strict adherence to the ethnic, moral, and religious rights inherent to this country during your stay in Afghanistan.

These rules specifically apply to clothing and behavior:

Attire: It is recommended to wear non-restrictive clothing with long sleeves and trousers, both for women and men. Women should cover their heads. If you wish to photograph local residents, please ask for their permission first. Approaching women, especially those wearing hijab, is strictly prohibited.

Photography: Always seek permission before capturing images of local inhabitants. Respect their privacy and cultural norms.

Conduct: Any misunderstandings with local residents, authorities, or military personnel should be resolved through your guide. Harassing or bothering women is strictly forbidden.

Safety: While the Wahkan Valley is considered the safest territory in Afghanistan, adhering to safety rules is paramount for your well-being and the enjoyment of your trip. Your guide is equipped to handle any conflicts that may arise.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!  Safe travels, and thank you for choosing to explore Afghanistan with respect for its culture and traditions!

Travelling in Wakhan, you discover the essence of adventure travel. The ranges of magnificent snowy mountains, wild landscapes inhabited by the charming villages and nomad camps awaiting you at every turn. Traveling along the route with hospitable locals, will bring you a vivid impression of exoticism and cool pictures. You will discover the time stuck in the past, exploring this remote region. Due to the remoteness and untouched nature, Wakhan become one of the world’s famous destinations for adventure travelers in recent years, but only very few companies can offer a trip to this area. Even though Wakhan is inhabited mostly by Ismailies (who practice a moderate form of Islam and very hospitable) and the region is terrorist free, (for now) still, it is not a hot-spot destination for tourists. The top are about one hundred tourists every season.
As most of the route passes through remote areas far from inhabited places and requires the passage of snowy passes above 4600 meters, the participants must be in good physical shape

Wakhan of Afghanistan (famous as Afghan Wakhan or just Wakhan) – a piece of land between the Pamir and Hindu Kush ranges, surrounded by highest snowcapped peaks ending to spectacular landscapes and breathtaking views of green pastures. This remote area inhabited by two ethnic groups – Wakhi people, living in lower valleys, cultivating the small piece of land along the Pamir river and Kyrgyz – nomadic people, living in yurts and moving their yaks and sheep to different valleys depending on season. The majority of population raises livestock for living; they trade animals, skin and meat with Pakistan and China and get food, clothing and good from these neighbor countries. As a “Wakhan Сorridor” it become popular from 1873, after the Great Game – the intense competition between the Russian Empire and Great Britain for influence in the region. The main reason for creating the corridor was that the British wanted to avoid having a direct border between these two Empires.

The Plan
Pamir Trips is one of the pioneer companies, started to organize tours to Wakhan. In this tour, we adhere to the lower branch of the route to Lake Chakmaktin and take the high route in the way back over high passes over 4500 meters. The loop takes around 11 days wilderness trek with camping.
As most of the things and supplies are not available in Afghan Wakhan, most of the food and suppliers we prefer to get from Dushanbe. We use our own camping and cooking equipment in Afghan Wakhan and use only 4x4 vehicles for transportation. The easiest point to access the Afghan Wakhan is from Ishkashim of Tajikistan, crossing the bridge to Sultan Ishkashim of Afghanistan. The car road into Wakhan is quite rough track from Sultan Ishkashim to Khandut (an ancient capital of Wakhan) than ends in Sarhad – e – Brughil. After Sarhad, pack animals would carry the luggage: donkeys, horses and yaks with the help of porters. We only use the service of trusted locals; the people we well know and used to work with before. We always try to keep the planned itineraries, but due to remoteness of the area and weather, conditions the itinerary can changed, as the safety of the group is the first priority of our company.


  • Drive along enchanting Pamir Highway to explore the wonders of ancient Silk Road
  • Trekking in Wakhan of Afghanistan – a deeper glance in the world of fantastic landscapes, one of the most remote and outstanding trekking areas of the Planet.
  • Exploration of culture, lifestyle and traditions of Wakhi and Nomad Kyrgyz tribes hidden from outsiders for centuries


The guide and drivers meet you at Dushanbe airport and after loading the luggage, we head straight to Pamirs. Driving along Pamir Highway and enjoying the views from high passes, we arrive in Kalaikhumb and stay overnight here in local guesthouse. The day after, we continue our journey along the border with Afghanistan to Khorog – the capital town of GBAO. Arriving in Khorog, we spend some time for last preparation for trekking – packing the food, luggage and camping gear.  Than you have free time to explore surroundings: Botanical garden – the second highest in the world, Central Park and handicraft shops, while your guide will manage with getting your Afghan visas from Afghan Consulate in Khorog. Please note that if necessary, in order to get our Afghanistan visa on time, we drive straight to Khorog one long day.

Total driving: 14 hours,
Altitude: 2200m↑

Drive from Khorog to Ishkashim takes about 3 hours, so we start earlier to be at the border on time. After cross-border procedure, we meet our Wakhi guide and vehicles and start driving to Sultan Ishkashim – the administrative center of Afghan Wakhan. We stay in guesthouse or just walk around get acquainted to locals lifestyle, visiting the small market place, while our guide finishes the last preparation for the trek and gets our Wakhan permits.

Drive: 3 hours,
Altitude: 2600m↑

Today we drive up along Panj River by the narrowest section of Wakhan Corridor. This piece of land named “corridor” in 1828 during the Great Game between Russian and British Empires, when the border was divided by the river. The roads in Afghanistan seems the worst in the world, so 120km drive takes up to 8 hours. We pass Peak Noshaq 7492m – the highest top of Afghanistan and the second (After Tirichmir) highest peak of Hindukush range. We stay overnight in Qalai Panja village. Overnight in guesthouse.

Drive: 7 hours,
Altitude: 2800m↑

We drive to the furthest point possible by vehicles – Sarhadi Brughil. From here, we continue the journey by foot, accompanied by horses, yaks and donkeys. We finalize the last preparation for trek and spend some time exploring the surroundings. Overnight in guesthouse.

Drive: 4 hours
Altitude: 3260m↑

Time: 7 hours.
Distance: 16.5 km.
Elevation gain: 1200 m up / 670 m down
Camp altitude: 3510m↑

Time: 7½ hours.
Distance: 20 km.
Elevation gain: 400 m up / 280 m down
Camp altitude: 3630m↑

Time: 6½ hours.
Distance: 21 km.
Elevation gain: 450 m up / 50 m down
Camp altitude: 4080m↑

Time: 6 hours.
Distance: 22 km.
Elevation gain: 0 m up / 100 m down
Camp altitude: 4030m↑

Time: free exploration.
Distance: 0 km.
Elevation gain: 0 m up / 0 m down
Camp altitude: 4030m↑

Time: 5 hours.
Distance: 22 km.
Camp altitude: 4080m↑

Time: 4½ hours.
Distance: 15 km.
Elevation gain: 600 m up / 200 m down
Camp altitude: 4300m↑

Time: 8½ hours.
Distance: 24 km.
Elevation gain: 680 m up / 580 m down
Camp altitude: 4400m↑

Time: 5½ hours.
Distance: 14 km.
Elevation gain: 500 m up / 900 m down
Camp altitude: 3985m↑

Time: 3½ hours.
Distance: 11 km.
Elevation gain: 600 m up
Camp altitude: 4600m↑

Time: 5½ hours.
Distance: 16.5 km.
Elevation gain: 250 m up / 1650 m down
Camp altitude: 3250m↑

We meet our drivers after lunch say good bye to our trekking team and start driving back to Sultan Ishkashim. The road back should be relatively smooth at this time of year as the river levels are low after the summer snow melt. Once back in Ishkashim, we have rest and say goodbye to our Wakhi guides and organizers.

Driving: 4-5 hours
Altitude: 2600m

Next morning we cross back into Tajikistan, meet our Tajik drivers and head back up the Pamir Highway. Khorog will seem like Las Vegas after nearly three weeks in the Pamirs. Good hotel with shower and wi-fi seems good after several days spent in mountains. Overnight in hotel.

Driving: 4 hours
Altitude: 2100m

The long drive back to Dushanbe will be broken at the small town of Kalaikhumb.

Driving: 6-7 hours
Altitude: 1250m

Drive to Dushanbe along Panj river. Breaks for lunch in Kulyab. Overnight in hotel in Dushanbe. Tour ends with transfer to airport.

Driving: 6-7 hours
Altitude: 800m

Dates Availability Prices Single suplement
1 Aug - 21 Aug 2024 Available US $2,800 US $400

What’s included

  • 21 breakfasts, 20 lunches, 20 dinners
  • Bottled water provided during the tour (not during trek)
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • Accommodation in 3* Hotel single/twin share rooms in Dushanbe
  • Guesthouse and Homestay accommodations en route
  • All accommodation and meals in Wakhan of Afghanistan
  • Twin share tents on trek
  • All private transportation
  • English speaking local mountain guide
  • All park entrance fees and trekking permits
  • Camp cook and porters service for 11 days trek in Wakhan
  • Pack animal support for 11 days of trek in Wakhan
  • All required permits in Wakhan
  • All group camping equipment

What’s not included

  • Sleeping bags and mats are not provided but can be hired locally
  • International airfares
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the program
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, phone calls, alcohol, etc
  • Tips and gratuities


Wilderness trips always create danger of their own, so, especially in Afghanistan, even though this is “out of terrorist zone” please note, that the tour leader has the final word of regarding the changes in itinerary for safety matters. While we travel in Afghanistan, please keep in mind that we are going to visit the country with the Muslim regime, and to respect the local concepts of faith and traditions can help us in better understanding of local lifestyle and our free explorations of the nature. Therefore, please try to dress less defiant; also, women have to cover the head. Walking in sleeveless shirts and shorts is not recommended. When we back in Tajikistan, you can feel free with your wearing.


We always appreciate your time, mood, and we grateful to you for choosing our service. The detailed itinerary is given for your guidance only; it may be altered on the ground and in accordance to the prevailing conditions by our organizing team. Pamir Trips does not give any refunds for unused hotel rooms, meals, sightseeing trips or trek arrangements. Trip price quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed necessary or advisable for the comfort and well-being of trip members.

Trip Length
20 Days
Group size
1-12 people
Physical rating
Departure / Return
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